Frequently Asked Questions

Currently InTeleDerm costs $49 per visit.
Telemedicine is a way to see a doctor without having to come into the office. Telemedicine allows you to be seen whenever you have want.
The main difference between InTeleDerm and other telemedicine platforms is that other platforms are live, real time doctors visits. With these you have to schedule a time to do a “video call” with a doctor. With InTeleDerm you upload your photos and fill out the questionnaire at your convenience. Then within 48 hours, a doctor will review everything and give you a diagnosis. If a diagnosis cannot be determined they will recommend you come in to be seen. Another difference is that InTeleDerm visits are seen by your Pariser Dermatology doctor.
At this time, InTeleDerm doesn't allow you to use your insurance. We have made the payment comparable to a standard specialist copay to make up for that.
All Pariser Dermatology’s teledermatilogy visits are performed by our own practice physicians. In fact, you can even request which doctor you wish to review your case.
Yes, your InTeleDerm visit is part iof your medical record at Pariser Dermatology and a copy of your visit will be sent to your PCP.

What people are saying!

This service is such a blessing for a busy mom! My daughter is excited to have assistance with her teenage acne issues and never had to miss school for an appointment. The e-mail correspondence with Dr. DeHart has been just as personal as multiple office appointments. I especially liked how the entire skin care regimen was outlined, prescription sent, and the next option to try in the algorithm of care should we not see results are all planned and written so that I could review them with her. The pharmacy with the most economical Rx was also efficient and helpful.

Sam F.

InTeleDerm was absolutely amazing. I have a horrible case facial acne. The area was burning and spreading across my face. I signed up online for a appointment. I was sent a response immediately. The Doctor responded the very next day. He gave me advice and a new prescription. The area is healing and I am so glad I contacted InTeleDerm. I recommend everyone to give this website a try.

M. Williams

InTeleDerm was extremely easy to use. It was simple and efficient and the doctors office called me back that day! I had a prescription that I picked up that evening. No appointment, no wait time, no loss of productivity. I would absolutely use this service again.


Intelederm is wonderful. Between my schedule and my son's schedule, it is difficult to find time for appointment. We sent his information on Sunday and he is starting treatment Monday! It doesn't get any easier!


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