What doctors are saying!

Being a busy dermatologist, I realize that it can be difficult to get an appointment to see one of us for something a patient would considered to be urgent. Intelederm gives patients the option to be evaluated by a dermatologist within a very short period of time. It offers patients the satisfaction of receiving a quick answer and treatment options for a dermatological concern, while allowing us to provide additional care to our patients outside of our regularly scheduled clinic.

Dr. Molly Smith
Pariser Dermatology Specialists

Intelederm has been an excellent addition to my busy practice. I can treat both new and follow up patients at any time, such as at lunch or to replace a last minute patient cancellation. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Patients love the Intelederm concept since it is a convenient alternative for them to an office visit.

Dr. Kevin DeHart
Pariser Dermatology Specialists

Doctors visits via the web

Easy to Use

The patient upload photos of their skin and answer some questions


We use the latest in encryption technology to protect you and the patient.


Doctors love using InTeleDerm to see their patients remotely

What InTeleDerm Offers

Great way to triage new patients

You can see followups with InTeleDerm which allows room on your schedule for new patients.

No billing or insurance. The patient pays you directly.

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